Lean Leg Workout (At Home)

Good morning, friends! Happy Friday! I’ve got a fun workout for you today 😀

Happy Friday sketches

Made with the Sketches app – which we discovered on the fun iPads at the Apple store while we waited for Genius Bar help 😉

AM workout pic

Today I woke up and was surprised to find my hands were swollen! It’s too early in pregnancy for this, right?! I made it sooo long without swelling when I was pregnant with Judith. Confession: I did have some leftover cupcakes from her birthday last night and white burger buns at a friend’s house, so I’m sure once I get the wheat/sugar out of my system and keep up my water intake things should improve. I immediately rubbed a few drops of AromaTouch oil on my hands and jumped right into my workout when I got up to improve circulation as well, which helped a lot. They’re back to normal now, thankfully!

Today’s workout was simple but I was feeling the burn! I did some pushups, shoulder presses, reverse flyes, chest presses, kettle bell swings, and foam rolling and stretching (my iliopsoas muscle – read hip flexor – is habitually tight, which may be contributing to Baby’s transverse position, so I focused on loosening it up this morning).

Perfect protein pancakes

My brother and sister are spending a few days with us, and this morning we made a fun time lapse video for you while cooking breakfast 😉 I made the Fitnessista’s perfect protein pancakes (a huge favorite of mine! They can be made gluten free and still be fluffy!) topped with berries and a little maple syrup, and a big batch of hard boiled eggs for later snacking.

Sometimes it seems like we have to lift super heavy weights in order to lose fat or see new muscle definition (and lifting heavy weights does have those great benefits!), but not everyone has a variety of dumbbells at home, so it’s a good thing bodyweight workouts are very effective! Make sure you’re really pushing yourself during your workout, and be consistent, and you’ll start to see big changes. This workout can be done at home with zero equipment (super easy for moms during naptime!) but you can always add dumbbells if you have them. If 15 reps isn’t challenging enough, do 25 or 30. Keep up the pace, trying not to rest between exercises.

Lean Leg Workout(bodyweight only)

Reverse lunge with front kick (video)

Note about plié pulses: they’re a very small up & down movement, keeping glutes engaged the whole time

Let me know in the comments what the hardest part of this workout was for you! 😀

Learn to be happy pic

A few thoughts for the weekend…there are times it’s so hard to happy, but holding on to grumpiness or bitterness isn’t worth it. It doesn’t bring the changes you want! Learning to be happy is worth it <3

LLP promo August

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