Chocolate Berry Smoothie

Good morning! I love Monday mornings – new week, new beginning! Get some coffee going, read something that inspires you, and choose to start the day smiling! Now, let’s talk about smoothies. I don’t think 2 days can go by without me drinking a smoothie. Smoothies are one of the easiest ways to pack tons of nutrition into a creamy, sweet meal – and they’re perfect to take in car when you’re on the go around mealtime. They can easily be breakfast, lunch, or a snack, and sometimes I really crave a smoothie for dinner, especially when I’m pregnant!

The other day, Judith and I made an incredibly yummy berry smoothie with cacao powder. (When I say “Judith and I,” I mean it. She insists on putting the ingredients in the Vitamix, dancing with me in circles while it blends, and taste testing right away.)


She started this new routine of dipping her finger in every smoothie I make to taste it…sometimes she keeps going for a while and eats it that way. Don’t ask me where she learned that!


Here’s the recipe so you can give it a try!

Berry Chocolate Smoothie-2

This weekend was an interesting one – I reverse slept in, haha! Sunday morning I woke up around 6am to use the bathroom, and when I went back to bed, Baby #2 was kicking me like crazy, Judith was rolling all over the place in her sleep, and my nose was stuffy (later I realized I had a pregnancy-induced nosebleed! Yikes!). So I got out of bed and enjoyed a few quiet hours reading, foam rolling, and cleaning the house.

The downside of reverse sleeping in (at least for my pregnant self) is that I’m ready to go back to bed when everyone else is just waking up!!

I had time to read and catch up on the web this weekend. Here are my favorite links:

7 (free) Fall Crochet Patterns – be still my yarn-loving heart! I started on the fall leaves pattern right away.

5 Ways I’m Learning to Save Money on Groceries – I never knew the UDSA had “guidelines” for a family grocery budget. It’s interesting to see where you land.

How to Set Up a Home Photography Studio – this old post by one of my favorite bloggers really helped me take my photos’ quality up a notch, for pennies!

How Each Myers-Briggs personality type responds to stress (and how to help)

Orzotto with Peas recipe – made this Sunday night and it was creamy and delicious!

What are your favorite links right now? Did you find any new recipes, fitness tips, or anything else this weekend? Link to them in the comments so we can check them out too!

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