Ten Tiny Toes

I’ve never been fascinated by a baby’s toes – I’d rather watch their faces with their endless expressions, and their ever-growing and changing features. I don’t think we even have a “toes shot” from Judith’s newborn photo shoot 😮 But now as Baby #2’s arrival approaches (just 16 weeks to go!) I find myself looking forward to all the tiny baby features, toes included. Having been through the newborn stage once already, I’m even more excited than I was the first time around because I know what I have to look forward to. Newborns change and grow so quickly and I know those first days will be spent creating precious memories.

We didn’t put shoes on Judith’s ten tiny toes for a loooong time – she wasn’t walking, so other than occasionally wearing a couple pairs of beautiful crocheted sandals I received as a baby shower gift, she was barefoot.

When my husband took Judith out on a Daddy-daughter shopping trip date and returned home with her first pair of shoes, I was slightly dismayed that they were Crocs. I’d never thought of Crocs as cute, stylish, or useful in any way, but he’d found a great deal on a tiny pair of pale pink shoes, and they quickly grew on me. They were so easy to throw on, looked great with almost any outfit, and we got so many compliments from strangers and friends!

Eventually she outgrew that first pair (sniffle) and where did I go? Right to the Crocs store, this time to get two pairs, one for her and one for me (combined a few sales to get a great deal, too)! I quickly realized the “classic” style that Crocs are famous for is not the only option. My bright pink flats are so comfy and they add a fun pop of color to my mostly neutral-colored wardrobe. It looks like they’re no longer offered in pink on the Crocs website, but these are a similar style in grey.


When we went up to Canada to visit my in-laws last summer, I enjoyed hiking on the rocks near their cottage with Judith in the Ergo carrier on my back almost every day. On a particularly cold, rainy day, I borrowed my MIL’s Croc boots and they kept my toes toasty warm and dry! I still want to get a pair of my own boots soon. When I mentioned this post to my mother in law, she told me she and my father in law love their Crocs from sandals to “classics” – they have 6 or 7 pairs up at the cottage and they’ve lasted for years, with lots of outdoor use.


What I’ve grown to love about Crocs is that they keep Judith’s feet clean and toes covered while still being breathable, which is a must with the hot temps we have here, and they’re so durable. We’re on her 5th and 6th pairs now and we’ve never had a pair break or overly wear down. And it rains so often here it’s nice not to worry about her ruining a pair of shoes when she jumps in puddles (and she loves to splash through puddles at every opportunity)! The only downside I’ve found with Crocs are that sometimes Judi’s feet smell after wearing them for an especially long time. But the shoes are so easy to clean, and sometimes we just throw them in the shower with an old toothbrush to scrub them with soap. Judith quickly learned how to kick off her shoes in the car or when we got home (saves me a step!) but now she can even slip them on by herself.


Here’s the first pale pink pair Daddy brought home for Judith, and her current favorite pair (a sneaker-like style). If you’ve hesitated to try Crocs, now’s a great time to try them because there’s a 60% off sale going through Thursday 8/18. Save on select styles when you use promo code MIDWEEKSALE at AND get free economy shipping on orders over $24.99 on

If you give them a try or just pick up another pair for your (or your kids’) collection, let me know!

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