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Happy Friday! I loved writing today’s post because I get to share some of my favorite memories with you! In case all the rain from the tropical storm here in Florida is driving you stir-crazy, this post has plenty of outdoors-y pictures to give you a figurative break from the indoors!

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My Babywearing Collection

Babywearing helped us a lot with Judith, because she loved being held and being close to me (and sometimes Garrett too ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I didn’t know anything about baby carriers when I got pregnant. My husband is great at comparing products online before purchasing, so I picked out a Baby K’tan wrap for myself and let him pick out a soft structured carrier (SSC) that we could share. (See how I got two carriers out of that deal and he only got one? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Now that I’ve tried on a woven wrap, I’m in love with those and will be adding one to my little collection before Baby #2 gets here, but I like to have options! I say that with tongue in cheek – I called my collection “little” in the previous sentence because I’ve seen moms with 10, 11, 12, and more wraps and carriers in their collections! I don’t need that many options, but I know I’ll get lots of use out of the three we’ll have.

Why Did We Choose Ergobaby?

My husband ended up choosing the Ergobaby because of how it disperses baby’s weight on the parent’s hips (taking pressure off the parent’s back) and supports baby’s body ergonomically. If you’re new to baby wearing, this post on the Ergobaby blog has some great tips. We have the Original design, which allows baby to ride in front facing the parent’s chest, on the parent’s hip, or on the parent’s back facing inward, but since we got ours Ergobaby has begun offering a Four Position 360 design that allows forward facing carry too, so baby can see out the front!

We started using our Ergobaby when Judith was just a few months old, with the infant insert. The Ergobaby can be used with infants as small as 8lbs. At this point, the carrier fit Garrett much better than it fit me. On me (much shorter torso!) it just felt bulky, so I stuck with the Baby K’Tan until she outgrew it (35 lbs is the max for the Baby K’Tan, but it got uncomfortably small well before that point for us – she was probably 8-9 months old the last time we used it).

Garrett Ergobaby

When did I Really Start Using our Ergobaby Carrier?

But when I tried wearing Judith in the Ergobaby later on, when she was around 6 months old, I realized I loved it! Since her body was bigger, it filled in the extra space that had felt bulky to me when she was a newborn. And around 6 months is when babies can be worn on the parent’s back (weight still gets dispersed on parent’s hips) which I found very comfortable.


Judith was difficult to please and preferred being carried in my arms around the house, but when we were outside, she happily stayed in the carrier for longer amounts of time – and sometimes even fell asleep on my back! I have a few friends who love breastfeeding in the Ergobaby, but I never got up the nerve to try it. The carriers come with a hood for when baby is sleeping or nursing. I’ll absolutely practice breastfeeding at home with Baby #2 and see how I like it, because that sounds sooo convenient!

My Favorite Ways to Use this Carrier

One of my favorite uses for the Ergobaby was to take walks when I needed to talk on the phone or listen to a conference call and take notes. I could carry my notebook, use my Bluetooth headset, and carry Judith all at the same time! A few times I even wore Judith on my back while I did squats and lunges to exercise. It was a great workout!


The Ergobaby was perfect for our trip to the cottage in Ontario over the summer, where the ground is really too rocky (and we’re surrounded too closely by water and woods) for taking a walk with a stroller. Judith wasn’t walking yet, and she turned 11 months old while we were there. I think she weighed about 17-20 lbs. Almost every day after breakfast I’d load her up in the Ergobaby on my back and walk all around the cottage and on the rocks near the water. Those are some of my favorite memories of my life! Being (almost) alone with the gorgeous scenery and sounds of nature while having Judith perfectly quiet and happy was priceless.


I cannot wait to take Baby #2 on the same morning hikes next summer at the cottage! She’ll be about 7 months old when we go, so I can back carry her too ๐Ÿ™‚ I can still carry Judith in the Ergobaby on my back (at 2 yrs old and 25 lbs.), but she loves walking and asks to do that instead. I keep the Ergobaby with me when we’re out for a long day (like at the zoo or a theme park) and I expect her to get tired enough to want a ride.


The hood is perfect for nap time!

What does My Husband Think?

Garrett loves the Ergobaby as well – and often Judith preferred him to wear her that way instead of carrying her in his arms. He’d take her for walks, or wear her while we ran errands, and it was really comfortable for him. The only drawback he found is that after I wore the carrier, he’d have to adjust the straps to fit his size again (very quick and easy to do, but it is an extra step for those parents who are sharing one SSC).

Garrett Ergobaby 2

Check out the cute patterns they have in the online store! I was scrolling through last night and Judith was pointing at carriers she liked, saying, “This one’s Judi’s, this one’s Baby’s,” doing some shopping of her own ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ergobaby offers several other styles, the Adapt, which requires no infant insert, an organic cotton one, and a Performance/Cool Air style for warmer climates (I might need one of these too!).

To share Ergobaby babywearing pics on social media, use the hashtag #lovecarrieson. Don’t forget to use it when you post a pic with your little one in your Ergobaby! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Do you have an Ergobaby carrier? What carrier or wrap is your favorite, and why?

*This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase products through these links I earn a small kickback as a thank you for sharing products I love with you! Purchasing through an affiliate link does not affect your price in any way <3

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  • Reply Natasha

    I LOVE baby wearing. Not only did it help me get things done around the house, get longer walks in, it also really helped with our bonding. When Lydia was younger, I noticed a huge difference in her naps and nighttime sleep when she was worn more during the day. We used a Moby wrap and a LIllibaby. I also absolutely love my Sooth Shirt from Lalabu. If you haven’t seen it, it was incredible and now my go-to for baby gifts. They just came out with one for dads!

    September 4, 2016 at 1:02 pm
    • Reply Fit Oils Momma

      I haven’t tried either of those but have heard many good things about both the Moby and Lillebaby. I was afraid it’d be too hot for the Moby since Judith was born in August :/ I’m going to check out the Soothe Shirt!

      September 5, 2016 at 9:33 am
  • Reply

    I have no children as of now but we are very similar in what we carry and I love it. All my friends call me Mama Ro because I also have a Mary Poopin s back pack.

    July 5, 2017 at 2:07 pm
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