How I worked up the nerve to go to yoga class

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Have you ever wanted to try something new, but were too afraid of looking ridiculous at first so you just didn’t bother? Yeah, that was me about 1000 different times in my life! I’m finally getting somewhat used to just going for it and looking ridiculous doing so, but it’s been a long journey. I prefer to put in a lot of practice at home before I attempt something new in public 😉

What’s a newbie to do??

I didn’t have access to a gym for several years after I started exercising. I’d do lunges up and down the longest hallway in the house, or lift weights in the living room. My first gym membership was on campus, included in my college tuition. Before every gym workout, I’d write my workout on a 3×5 card to take with me, and practice any new ones at home. Group fitness classes were intimidating for this loner! Somewhere I heard about, and it piqued my interest. I had the typical soreness and stiffness in my legs and hips from running. I’d heard yoga could help stretch and loosen those muscles, minimizing discomfort. But I’d never dare step foot in a yoga class where the poses had weird names – I was bound to feel completely lost and confused! So I went straight to I downloaded a few of the free 20 minute classes on my laptop and gave them a try. At first I was glued to the pose guide while I followed along, but I figured out the basics quickly. Yoga can be repetitive, which is great because once you know the basics, you can get through 75-80% of a class confidently.
image of yoga mat

Practice Makes Perfect

When I finally attended my first yoga class a few years later, I was thrilled to find out I could follow along and I looked like I knew what I was doing! No one could tell it was my first group class. Looking back, I feel kind of silly for being so worried about looking “new”. Being a beginner is not something to be ashamed of! But at the time, it was a big deal to me.

image of downward facing dog

I still wish we left the living room in our new house empty for my home gym 😉

Give it a try!

Now, I have the YogaDownload app on my phone so I can attend a class at home when I have a few quiet minutes to spare. (I was using my laptop before, which works well too.) I was only using the audio option initially, but the classes are actually video recordings. The videos are so helpful in figuring out new poses for beginners and more advanced yogis as well. There are free classes (about 20 mins long) and a paid membership subscription. The best deal is the yearly subscription with unlimited streaming and downloads. You get 3 months free that way! The subscriptions include longer classes (1 hr+) as well. actually includes classes like Pilates and Barre, too! The flexibility of being able to take a class 24 hours a day, whenever you can fit it in, is perfect for busy moms. If little ones interrupt, just hit pause and come back later 🙂

Do you have an online fitness class membership? What do you like/dislike about it?

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