Healthy Snacks My Kids Love (3 years old and 8 months old)

Hey there! We’re slowly adjusting back to the Florida heat after our trip to Honey Harbour, Ontario. (No lie, it’s hard. We had massive weeds growing in our flower beds and I was drained after pulling them. It took maybe 25 minutes.) There’s still a load of laundry to fold, and general cleaning up to do, but I can’t procrastinate blogging any longer! I’m starting to regret not blogging more when Judith was little, to remember everything better (I do have thousands of pictures – literally – on my phone so that helps. LOL). SHE TURNED THREE about a week ago, and Belle is 8 months old, crawling, and catching on to sign language. That was fast! So I’m going to do my best to blog more often and blog more “everyday life” kind of stuff with a good mix of essential oils and other products that make life easier, healthier, more streamlined/minimalistic, and more fun! I’m curious, what kinds of pictures/stories would you like to hear from our trip? I have hundreds of photos of nature, the kids, and everything in between that I’d love to share, so let me know what you’re most interested in about cottage life!

For some reason I end up taking lots of pics of my girls when they’re eating. Probably because that’s one of the only times they sit still. For a moment. Here are some healthy snacks they’re loving lately, plus our favorite snack “accessories.”

  • fruits and veggies (blueberries, cherries, avocado, sweet potatoes, and peaches are at the top of their list right now! Only Belle eats avocado, but they both love the rest. Judi’s got her Dad’s taste buds. LOL)
  • Honey O’s (like Cheerios from Trader Joe’s)
  • string cheese (Costco has organic!)
  • hard boiled eggs
  • olives
  • coconut chips (Judith only…too crunchy for Annabelle who doesn’t have teeth yet!)

We had a pile of packages waiting for us when we returned (Amazon sales get us every time!) and at first I thought the silicone snack supplies my husband bought for the girls from Silikids were cute, but unnecessary. But I quickly started looking for excuses to use them all.the.time. Haha! This bowl/plate combo called the “Silibowl” is a favorite of Judi’s. She asks specifically for it when we’re sitting down to eat. The plate rests inside the top of the bowl and can be “burped” to seal like a lid (thanks Silikids Instagram for that tip!). I’m looking forward to taking it to the park when I can use the plate to keep food off a dirty picnic table, without having to pack anything extra. The bowl is solid (not bendy) because of a stainless steel ring inside.

Both girls find the cups easy to use. They have the stainless steel ring support as well. Judi likes to use straws often, but she was biting ALL of our reusable plastic straws and flattening them. These silicone ones can be bitten all day but they won’t get ruined. 

Annabelle is slowly learning to drink from a cup, and these are weighted nicely to both get her used to a heavier glass and prevent it from tipping over easily. You get 10% off your first purchase when you sign up for Silikids emails, and orders over $30 get free shipping right now.

I’m wanting to start using reusable snack bags – what’s your favorite brand? We’ll probably try Silikids’ bags, and we already have a zipper close pouch (same material as our cloth diaper wet bags) I’m going to try. Have you tried silicone snackware or reusable snack bags? How do you like them?

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