Pregnancy Update: 24 weeks

Today was our 24 week prenatal appointment! Judith and I got to enjoy some Call the Midwife in the birth center’s waiting area (which I thought was awesome 🙂 ). But the highlight was getting to feel Baby’s little head through my tummy! I met the second midwife today and we talked about how Baby has been transverse most of the time, but I thought she’d moved down a few weeks ago. Well, she moved back to her favorite spot, laying transverse across my stomach. The midwife felt for her head and I had to check it out too – it was amazing to feel her head move back and forth under my hand!

Since she’s transverse I’m not allowed to swim (no big deal, I haven’t been in a pool at all during this pregnancy) and I am supposed to avoid reclining or slouching. The midwife also said more chiropractic care and massages (!) may help her turn the correct way – sounds good to me!! It’s weird to think my next prenatal will be at 29 weeks, which is almost 30 weeks, which is 10 weeks from my due date! 😮 Time flies!

Sleep – going great right now! I wake up maybe once or twice to use the bathroom during the night, but I’m never sure if it’s my own body waking me up or if it’s Judith, since she sneaks into bed with us during the night.

Exercise – this week I’m making an effort to consciously exercise 4-5 days, since my energy levels have been fine lately.

Cravings – none. I’ve been eating lots of goat cheese and chocolate 😉 but not “craving” them.

Food aversions – seem to be completely gone!

Energy – great! It is the second trimester, after all 🙂

Dizziness – none.

Pain – in between chiropractic visits my lower back hurts from one of my hips going out of alignment (this may also be influencing Baby’s transverse position) and my feet get achy by the end of the day if I don’t wear supportive shoes. I recently picked up these Skechers (at Costco) and they’re helping!

Thoughts about labor – still looking forward to it, and having faith it will be much shorter than last time and I’ll know what I’m doing more than last time. I’ve read tons of natural birth stories over the last few weeks and I’ve learned so much more about labor. Even though I had excellent labor classes the first time around, now that I’ve experienced it once and read so much more about it, I feel like I understand the process even better.


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