Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Love!

Every mom must feel this way, but time really flies as you watch your kids grow up! I can’t believe Judith is already two years old. This year she is so aware of her birthday! I remember when she turned one, she was completely oblivious to the reason behind the party, decorations, and cake. This time, she’s been talking about her birthday party all week! At night before bed, we count how many days are left until Saturday (the big day of her birthday party) and one night she told me she expected “pink balloons everywhere” at her “happy party.”


This year it seems most of her development centered on her speech. She said a few simple words by the time she was one, and steadily improved them into more words and complete sentences! I’m amazed at how much a little person can change and grow in one year. She’s also become more capable of helping out around the house, and she loves to do it. She has a stepstool (this one from IKEA) we keep in the kitchen so every time I cook, clean, or wash the dishes she can be right there, helping. She’ll stir ingredients in a bowl, cut soft foods with her plastic knife, crack eggs, and shake a little seasoning in a bowl. Lately she’s been grabbing utensils, such as the pizza cutter, pretending to use it, and describing to me what she’s doing: “I’m cutting pizza, Momma.” (Or “Mom” or “Mommy” or “Gina” – I’m all of those things, apparently!)


My relationship with Judith has changed a lot this year, as she became more independent. I have another post in the works about her newborn days and her first year, but they were really hard for me. She’s basically the poster child for a “high needs baby” as described by Dr. Sears (google it!) and that meant I got zero time without her in my arms for the first year or so. She’d literally go to bed when I did and wake up when I did, wouldn’t stop crying if Daddy held her (let alone a babysitter), etc. so I was starving for alone time – even a few minutes to think! When she started walking, talking, and being able to do more of the things I was doing that she desperately wanted to do, I started to gain back moments here and there to sit and read, or exercise, or observe her playing without having to be right there in physical contact with her. And those moments to breathe allowed me to really see her and appreciate her and love her more. This year she’s become my little buddy, my mini-me, instead of the baby who “robbed” me of any resemblance of my life before. But like I said, that’s a whole ‘nother post 🙂

Today is her actual birthday, so we hung a few decorations, Daddy gave her a card (he found a beautiful, non-tacky Elsa one 😉 ), and we made cupcakes for her birthday party, which is tomorrow.


She’s loved butter for a long time, and you can’t quite see the eager look on her face, but she was excited to throw a stick into the mixer, haha 😉


Looks like Garrett and I will be finishing the decorations tonight. I’m not getting up on a ladder to hang streamers when he can just reach up and do it 😉


(See those pink tissue paper balls? If you don’t want to waste an hour after your child goes to bed pulling tissue paper apart, silently cursing the fact that you bought them, don’t buy them 🙂 Just a helpful tip…)


Happy birthday, little love <3

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