Christmas Gift Guide for New (Crunchy) Moms

It can be hard to know what to get for friends who are into a more natural lifestyle, so I’ve compiled a gift guide that’s perfect for your crunchy mom friends <3 If you like this guide, Pin it!

1. Charcoal bamboo cloth diaper inserts (pack of 12) – $35
Check with the new mom to find out what kind of cloth diapers she plans to use, and purchase a few inserts for her. We tried several types, and these charcoal inserts are my personal favorites because they absorb SO much, and the gussets fit perfectly around baby’s legs to prevent leaks. We use them with these covers

2. Nursing Tea – $7.13

I love receiving tea as a gift! Help a new mom boost her milk supply with an herbal tea like this one.


3. Montessori wooden toy set – $24.95

Natural wooden toys are a great gift – the more we learn about plastics the less it makes sense to surround our kids with plastic toys. We still have a lot of work to do in this area (in fact we have like 95% non-wooden toys right now) but I happen to think wooden ones look better when they’re strewn across the floor, and they certainly hurt less than Legos when you step on them, am I right? 😉

4. Beeswax votive candles – $11.99

These are the perfect, toxin-free way to help a new mom create a relaxing, spa-like environment during her downtime.

5. Sakura Bloom ring sling in Classic Linen Storm – $100

Even though babywearing is about as old-fashioned as it gets, it’s all the rage right now. And why not? It gave me back my hands which was invaluable since Judith only napped when she was in my arms or being worn on me. I recently went to a local babywearing meet-up and tried on a ring sling for the first time with Judith. She’s now 2 yrs old and weighs about 24 lb, and the ring sling was so supportive and comfortable!

6. Bebe au Lait nursing cover scarf in Nightingale  – $29.99

If I didn’t live in Florida…I’d probably have a closet full of these! They’re so cute! I just hardly ever wear scarves because it’s always hot. But mayyyybe since Annabelle is due in the winter I can sneak a few nursing cover scarves in this time around 😉 I love the pattern on this one!


7. Replenishing Body Butter – $23.33

I use this to soften feet and my keep stretch marks to a minimum on pregnant belly and love it! It contains Wild Orange, Frankincense, and Douglas Fir essential oils, so it even smells a little like Christmas.

crunchy mom gifts

8. Teething necklace (food grade soft silicone, BPA-free) – $14.99

Little ones love to play with momma’s hair and jewelry during their “lunch break,” and this necklace is perfect for momma’s fashion sense AND baby’s teething needs, or just to keep baby’s hands busy.

9. Essential oils guide for pregnancy and birth – $14.95

This book was my #1 reference guide during my first pregnancy. Now I pretty much have it memorized from using it so often! I recommend it every time I teach a class on essential oils for pregnancy, or meet a newly pregnant mom who wants to use essential oils.

10. Wooden Baby Gym – $98

This design is just beautiful! Could you make it for less $$? Probably. But I’ve never seen one like it so I had to share it and get your creative thoughts flowing! This would be a great weekend project – or if you’re not so handy or don’t have the free time, order it online.

11. Organic Dark Chocolate (Pack of 10) – $32.92

When is chocolate EVER a bad idea?!



12. Shirt Chic subscription – use code “NEWCHIC” to get the first box for $20! (Just $26.99 after that)

Who couldn’t use a little encouragement every month? I love the designs on my latest Shirt Chic tees! These are a great value for the price – 3 tees for $27 – and for someone who likes inspiring quotes or just needs a little love, these are a perfect gift.


Crunchy moms, what did I miss? What would you add to this list?

***This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own. When you purchase products through these links I earn a small kickback as a thank you for sharing products I love with you! Purchasing through an affiliate link does not affect your price in any way <3

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