Fitness for stay at home moms:

I became a certified personal trainer in 2012 because I love exercising and creating beautiful lean muscles! When I discovered strength training was the best way to change and define my body’s shape, I jumped right in and started learning all I could about it. But the bottom line is, fitness doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially for stay at home moms. In fact, I can sum up my fitness philosophy right now in two words: JUST  MOVE! 

There was a time when I planned out all my workouts ahead of time, I had a strategic workout schedule, and I spent 1-2 hours a day at the gym. I LOVED every second of it! Then I had my high needs daughter. She cried every time I put her down, until she was one year old. I’d do a 20 minute workout at home and she’d watch me from her crib, crying her eyes out. I was beyond frustrated! I just wanted to maintain my fitness and enjoy working out like I used to, but instead I was cutting my already short workouts even shorter, or skipping them altogether. Now I don’t stress as much if I miss a workout – when my kids are a little older I can really focus on weight training to get back in top shape.

I recently got a membership at the YMCA, so I can take my kids to the child care there while I workout. But on days when we don’t make it to the gym, or occasionally when my baby bursts into tears when I take her to the gym and I have to skip my workout, I make it my goal to just move around the house. We take a walk or go hiking while I wear the baby, I do squats, planks, pushups, or jumping jacks while cooking dinner, I sneak in a quick HIIT (high intensity interval training) session at night after the kids fall asleep, or we run in circles around the house chasing each other (my almost 3 year old’s favorite game!). 

Why intermittent fasting works great for moms: 

After my second daughter was born, I lost some of the baby weight but plateaued at 20 lbs. higher than my pre-pregnancy weight. I knew I was overeating (the habit I started during pregnancy stuck around!) and I had to change my eating habits. I was feeling full and sluggish often from snacking too much. I’d done a little intermittent fasting (IF) in the past, and loved how it gave my digestive system a break during the fasting period, which in turn gave me more energy. Intermittent fasting is an eating schedule where you eat during a specific time window (I only eat between 12pm-8pm) and fast for the rest of the day. I started IF when my second daughter was 4.5 months old, and I was exclusively breastfeeding her. When I stick to eating between 12pm-8pm, I lose a pound a week – and I can eat pretty much whatever I want (I still choose healthy foods – especially healthy fats to help me stay full during the fasting period). I’ve learned from experience that eating unhealthy foods, like too many sugary foods, will make me hungry while I’m fasting, so I make sure to eat well. The reason I love IF for moms is that there’s no calorie counting (takes too much time!) and it’s OK to eat foods that wouldn’t be allowed on other “diets” (I can still enjoy chocolate and a cookie here and there without it undoing my progress). Intermittent fasting has also been recommended as a cancer-fighting diet, because cancer cells feed off of sugar (which they can’t get during the fasting period). Read more about IF here.

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