Weekend Recap and Meal Plan: 10/2-10/8

Hello friends! I can’t believe October’s already here. There are just 9-ish weeks until my due date! This past weekend was our labor & delivery class at the birth center. Everything was review since with our first daughter’s pregnancy we attended a really thorough 6-week labor/delivery class, but this refresher made me even more excited to meet this baby! And it reminded me of a few things I need to get ready for labor (like my playlist…last time it was too short and we heard the same songs 100x. Not cool!).

A few of my notes:

  • The average first-time mom carries her baby for 41 weeks and 1 day before going into labor. It is seriously NO BIG DEAL to go past your due date. Trust your body to know when the time is right (especially because due dates can be way off, depending on how they’re calculated).
  • The average full term baby is born at 8lbs! That’s not a “big” baby by any means. Our instructor (and a couple books I’ve read) even said larger babies are easier to give birth to because there’s less chance their arms will get in the way.
  • Birth where you feel the most safe. I’ve heard many stories of moms ready to push, then the feeling leaves because the lights go on, hospital staff rushes in, etc. and the hormones that were telling her to push get shut off. Think of an animal giving birth in the woods…predators or distractions show up, and the body hits “PAUSE” to finish giving birth later at a safer time.
  • The amniotic sac can repair tears. How incredible is that?!
  • Spend most of labor in an upright position (unless your body is clearly telling you otherwise because you may need to rest) because gravity helps baby move down.
  • Tense neck muscles = tense cervix. Practice relaxing your neck and shoulders well before going into labor so you’re aware of when you’re tensing them and how to relax them.
  • The relaxin hormone loosens a woman’s pelvic ligaments to allow the pelvis to expand, completely changing the size of the pelvis. There is no way to predict what size baby will fit.




Sunday morning I took a little time to work on our meal plan for the week.

S: Pork chops with sweet potatoes (I made a great pork rub last year and didn’t write down the recipe! :O I know it has brown sugar, salt, and cumin, black pepper, and ginger essential oils)

M: Cilantro Rice & Bean Salad

T: Leftovers

W: Chili with baked potatoes

R: Veggie Quesadillas with salad

F: Leftovers

S: Chicken with roasted veggies


Here are a few things I’m loving right now:


Almond milk is now at Starbucks (nutrition info)! YAY! The coconut milk there always had a weird aftertaste to me (and lots of sugar).


This special essential oil blend called Hope will be available to everyone in the near future! At first it was only going to be available in the convention kits, but I’m so glad to hear everyone will get a chance to own it. This blend is part of dōTERRA’s partnership with Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that rescues and begins the recovery process for children who are in sex slavery. I’ll share more about them later on the blog. dōTERRA donated $500,000 to OUR in 2015. I am so grateful to be part of a company that is making a difference in the lives of those who need our help <3


Pumpkin smoothie! I’ll be sharing the recipe later on the blog 🙂 


I made OhSheGlow’s Summer Buddha Bowl last week and LOVED it! I am thrilled to be craving vegetables like crazy right now. Nutrition is super important during every part of pregnancy, but especially in the third trimester as your body prepares to give birth and recover.


This was hanging on the wall at The Balance Culture, a yoga/pilates/barre studio for women here in Lakeland. I went to my first Barre class there (my lovely friend Carolina is the instructor!) and I think I’m obsessed! I’m looking forward to trying their postpartum class later on, too.

What’s on your meal plan this week?

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