The Best Food in Salt Lake City + Trip Recap Part 1

sunrise in park city utah

I’m back! Last week I was in the weeds for a bit adjusting back into a routine after our vacation/convention in Salt Lake City so I wasn’t around the blog as much, but things have settled down again and here I am! I wish I could take this mountain view home with me. That incredible sunrise is what greeted me every morning across the breakfast table at the home we stayed at in Park City, Utah.

We returned Sunday/Monday night on the redeye and slept until noon to make up for it 😉 The next day the unpacking began, and I felt like everything we brought home from our trip just exploded all over the living room, dining room, and kitchen, on top of the usual items in those spaces. It was seriously stressful as I put things away and Judith kept taking more things out to play! I finally took about 2/3 of her toys from the living room and hid them in her closet as the beginning of a massive purge that isn’t over yet, and my stress level instantly went down. That might be influenced by some pregnancy nesting hormones! 😉 We’ll get to the best food in Salt Lake City in a minute; first let’s catch up on what’s going on at home!

Settling In and Cleaning Out

My next project is creating my capsule wardrobe. I created one last year with just 37 items, but didn’t stick with it as I acquired new clothes, so they’ve piled up. Add to that a bunch of maternity clothes that a friend blessed me with when I got pregnant, and things were really getting out of hand in my closet! I spent most of Saturday getting rid of clothes I don’t need. We all have those pieces that looked great on the hanger but will never look as great on us, or they’re the wrong color for our skin tone, or they’re stained but have memories attached so we hold on to them…well I’m done holding on to them! I kept various sizes of pants and tops since I’ll need them as I return to my normal size post-partum, but there were many pieces I knew I’d never wear. They were making it hard to find the clothes I actually like!

Before I decide on my 37(ish) items for this capsule wardrobe, I’ll have a girls night in to swap clothes with friends, then narrow it down the pieces I really love and want to keep. I’ve found it’s so freeing to own fewer clothes! (And fewer possessions in general.) Less time is wasted cleaning and organizing, and it’s easy to find what you really need on a daily basis when you only have the essentials. I’d hate to look back on my life when I’m old and feel like I wasted too much time managing my stuff or cleaning up after excessive amounts of kids’ toys. (Judith would rather “play” with real kitchen utensils or things anyway!) I still have a long way to go, but I already feel less stressed. 

The Best Food in Salt Lake City

So let’s talk about my favorite meals from Salt Lake City! My husband and I loved the variety of fast-casual (but still healthy!) restaurants in SLC. There were so many options! I love Mexican food, so near the top of my list is Cafe Rio Mexican Grill. They use fresh ingredients and the flavors are great. Plus they give kids a free quesadilla! We ate there twice, and enchiladas are my go-to meal when they’re on the menu, so I ordered them both times. They come with rice, beans, and pico on the side, and we got queso and chips too – the queso is so good! On my way out I grabbed a full cup of horchata from the giant batch they have out next to the iced tea. Why don’t we have horchata like that here in Florida?! I need to make a batch at home.

the best food in salt lake city

 (I kept my DigestZen roller bottle handy just in case something I ate didn’t agree with me!)

Food Trucks Downtown

During lunch breaks at convention, food trucks were parked outside the convention center for us to grab a quick meal. At least that was the idea…the lines were so long, one day it took me an hour from the time I left my seat to get back to it and eat my lunch! The wait was worth it though. I had Peruvian food from the Amkha Misky Peruvian Specialities truck. I’ve never had Peruvian food before, but their menu had chicken salad inside half an avocado so I had to try it! The weather is SO dry in Salt Lake City I knew I need to eat some healthy fats, pronto. I ordered the Queen’s Avocado combo.

the best food in salt lake city

The avocado is almost completely hidden under the amazing chicken salad. I have no idea what was in it, but it was the best chicken salad I’ve ever had! On top are pickled onions, along with cilantro rice, an empanada, and a salad on the side. The best part was how everything on the plate tasted amazing together! I can taste it right now and I wish I could have more!

Another favorite was the acai bowl food truck, Braza Bowlz! I was super excited to see this truck. I just wish the acai bowls were bigger. I was expecting a lunch-sized serving and what I got was more of a snack or dessert size. It was delicious though and was priced well. I got the Original Braza and the acai sorbet base was topped with granola, bananas, coconut, honey, and strawberries. They were out of two bowls (including a chocolate peanut butter bowl!) and maybe one of them would have been more filling.


Park City Eats

We stayed in a rental home in Park City, about half an hour outside downtown SLC. The 2002 Winter Olympics were held there, and the city really exploded with growth then. You can visit Olympic Park and slide down the slopes on an inner tube, ride a ski lift, or watch athletes practice, among lots of other family activities. We visited Olympic Park last year, but not this time. It’s hilly and there’s a lot of walking, and my legs were already aching from the stairs and hills everywhere else. I wanted to take it easy on the days I didn’t have convention activities. This pregnant lady can’t wait to get back in shape in January after baby arrives!

Park City has quite a few fast casual restaurants as well. My favorite one that we tried is called Vessel Kitchen. It’s “farm fresh fast casual” food, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner offered. I got the Lemon Feta Chicken Salad and it.was.incredible. It has romaine, arugula, quinoa, hemp hearts, chicken, feta, smoked beets, and walnuts, but the lemon vinaigrette was the best part! That’s coming from someone who often leaves dressing off her salad because she doesn’t like it. Yeah, it was that good.


You can’t tell in this picture, but my salad was huge! I tried to finish it all but I had to take some home. That’s Garrett’s rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes, and my sister’s brown rice and lentil dish next to my salad. Vessel Kitchen offers many vegan and gluten-free meals, too, for my friends who have different dietary needs.

There is so much more from our trip to share, but I’ll save it for another post!

In other news, today there are 90 days until Christmas! Time to start making homemade gifts if that’s your thing. I’ll be choosing crochet patterns for gifts this week and getting started making them. So fun!

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    This post is making me hungry lol. I looooved Cafe Rio and Vessel Kitchen. Definitely going back to those restaurants next year. Nice job capturing the great food of SLC and Park City!

    September 29, 2016 at 10:01 am
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