Meal plan: 8/15-8/21

Happy Monday! Since we spend most of the weekend having fun as a family, or catching up with friends, Monday is usually a day for me to recover from the weekend, catch up with my dōTERRA team, plan my week, and prep meals.

We also go grocery shopping on the weekend, so I’m thinking I need to switch “meal planning day” to Friday instead of Monday 😉


Day Designer (from Target 😉 )

One of my tricks to making meal planning easier is keeping a list of our 15 favorite meals hanging on the fridge. Whenever I’m stuck trying to think of one more meal for the week, I check the list and voila! All done. I plan recipes for 5 nights, and leave 2 nights for leftovers. I try to make 1-2 slow cooker meals a week (and have been toying with the idea of buying an InstantPot – basically a pressure cooker – to save even more time).

The biggest problem I have with meal planning is that Garrett and I like very different types of food. I have quinoa/feta/healthy-food loving taste buds, and he loves classic Italian dishes (pasta, chicken parm, lasagna) and meat-and-potatoes type meals. While I like to splurge occasionally and eat like he does, for a while I was making all our meals to fit his style and I was really missing “my” food. So lately I’ve been making 1-2 meals a week that are totally my style and eating them for lunches all week long. Two of the types of food I love and he hates are soups and grain bowls, so those are now my lunchtime go-to’s.

Here’s this week’s meal plan:


M: Flax & Herb-crusted Chicken with veggies and cheddar biscuits

T: Pasta with pepperoni, and salad

W:  (date night!)

R: Pulled Pork & baked beans

F: Leftovers

S: Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken 

S: Leftovers



Quinoa salad (with tomatoes, feta, olives, cucumber and lemon dressing)


Oatmeal Raisin Bars (I’ve been making these since Tina first posted them in 2008, and they’re still a favorite grab & go snack of mine!)

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