Georgian Bay: Part I

Georgian Bay: Part I

Hey everyone! I’m SO excited to share these pictures and stories from our vacation in Georgian Bay, Ontario, with you! Georgian Bay is off of Lake Huron, not far across the Canada/US border. The weather has been cool and overcast for a few days here (including two days cold enough to light a fire in the wood stove to keep warm!), but for me it’s a welcome change from the hot Florida air that’s made it uncomfortable to be outdoors for months back at home.

Cottage Life with Little Ones

It’s been so special to watch Judith experience cottage life for the first time! She was just 9 months old last time she was here, so she doesn’t remember that trip. This time she instantly fell in love with boating and swimming in the lake, climbing the rocks that surround the cottage, and feeding the chipmunks and observing wildlife outdoors. You can see a few pics from the last time we visited the cottage in this post where I reviewed our Ergobaby carrier (I wore it everywhere, including rock climbing, and it’s still going strong right now with baby #2)! To me, cottage life really means spending lots of time outside the cottage exploring the woods and climbing rocks; swimming, fishing, and boating in the bay; observing wildlife and plants; and making repairs and improvements on the property. Unless the weather is cold or rainy, which means it’s time to light the wood stove, make coffee, and play board games! Cottage life is truly the best life to me (that’s not just a catchy Instagram hashtag)! The kids LOVE it here because we’re outside almost all day and there’s always something new to see or do.

And during this visit, about a week ago, Annabelle (7 months old) learned how to crawl! She’s getting more comfortable pulling up on furniture, too, and most evenings she’ll circle the coffee table, chasing down her big sister’s snack bowl. Haha!

Cottage or Cabin?

This is my third time visiting my husband’s family’s cottage, and the first time I came up to the cottage I kept calling it a cabin. I used to love vacationing in the northern Georgia/Carolinas/Tennessee area as a kid because my family would rent a cabin for the trip, and I figured a cottage must be the same thing. But it’s not!

Now that’s all cleared up 🙂 Who knew? 

Georgian Bay Terrain

There is no road access to our cottage, so we park at the marina and take the boat from there. It makes transporting luggage and grocery shopping a little harder, but it’s so worth it for the extra peace and quiet we have. 

There’s hardly any level ground either – which makes for extra challenging and fun outdoor workouts! (I posted a few on my Instagram story last week. The only exercise equipment I brought were resistance bands because they’re so easy to travel with, and they’ve been perfect.) On our property, there’s a good mix of rocky and grassy areas, but some cottages sit on little islands made completely from rock!

Although this area gets covered in snow every winter and the bay ices over (!!), during the summer the weather is mild. We have the windows open nearly every day and night. I love that from any point in or around the cottage I can hear birds singing, water running, and boat traffic.

Even the moss and ground coverings are intricate and beautiful. These are a succulent called “hens and chicks” and I can’t get enough of them! They’re all over the place here, and they’re dense and hardy. I’ve seen Judith walk over them and they didn’t break.

That’s it for part one; I feel like there’s sooo much to cover so I’ll see you again later with part two 🙂

What’s your favorite vacation destination? Lake or beach? Mountains or desert? Leave a comment here on this page!



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