Fun in the Sun

Hi everyone! Here’s a little of what Judith and I have been up to lately. My little sunflower is immune to the constant heatwave known as “summer” here in Florida. I try to talk her out of it every day, but she insists on playing outside, usually in the afternoon. Yikes! This may be the first of many loooong summers until she’s able to go outdoors alone!

I love being outside; in fact if we lived in a cooler state I’d practically live out there (I certainly did as a kid – making tipis from old bedsheets around trees!). But these “feels like” temps of 95+ degrees are too much!


Judith is in that adorable stage where every leaf, flower, or rock can become a gift for Momma <3


I’m not sure what she was saying here, but her face is priceless!

This magical sprinkler is quite possibly the best $10 we ever spent! Garrett found it at Aldi and I’m forever grateful. When Judi and I run through the water together, it actually cools me down enough that the breeze felt cold the other day. I’ll take it!

She loves to aim the sprayers right at me (and sometimes at my tummy, grinning and saying “I get Baby wet!”)


One day after a big rainstorm, the leaves on this bush were covered with tons of small tree frogs – probably 20 or so! Since then, she asks where the frogs are whenever we’re near it. She is so aware of bugs, animals, and plants. I love that about her!

And we’ll close with a classic Florida palm tree/blue sky shot. It is pretty nice to look at from here, inside, in the air conditioning 😉

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