My Favorite Pre-workout Energy Boost

preworkout for adrenal fatigue

If you’re looking for a completely natural pre-workout recipe, I have a great one for you! I’ve tried a couple pre-workout products in the past, but they were so expensive I hesitated to use them for every workout. I wanted to save them for days I was really dragging. But I haven’t had the energy for exercising lately — I suspect adrenal fatigue is part of the problem. My energy levels will be fine for a few days, so I’m all go-go-go having fun with my girls, then I wake up feeling exhausted one day and take a few days to recover. I started reading the Wheat Belly book a few weeks ago and eliminated wheat from my diet almost immediately. I also started having a green smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and mostly veggies for dinner. Those changes have helped so much! But it will take more time to feel 100% back to normal, and I needed some extra help working up the energy to exercise (I know once I get started, the exercise itself should also help me have more energy). Then I stumbled upon this pre-workout idea using 3 dōTERRA products I already had (I love finding multiple uses for the same product!). 

The pre-workout formula is: mix 1 scoop TerraGreens with a small amount of water, and add one drop of Lemon oil. Take one TerraZyme capsule on the side. (Original source unknown.)

TerraGreens is a powder containing fruits, vegetables, superfruits, and essential oils. Because I’ve been feeling a little run down, I got it specifically to make sure I’m getting enough nutrients from fruits & veggies each day. I’m still breastfeeding Annabelle, so my nutrient requirements are higher than they’d be otherwise. I’ve taken TerraZyme for a long time as an enzyme to help make digestion easier (whenever we eat cooked foods, the natural enzymes have been killed by the heat, and that causes our bodies to work harder to digest them, sapping our energy levels to focus on digestion. Taking enzyme capsules before eating cooked food can help maintain energy levels.). Lemon oil naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion as well. Altogether, one of these pre-workout shots costs $1.25, but I can get all the products for free with my Loyalty Rewards points so it doesn’t really cost anything. 

The first day I took one of these preworkout shots, I had more clarity of mind and energy than I’d had for days before. I’m also using dōTERRA’s Mito2Max energy and stamina supplement because of the adaptogens it contains. “…adaptogenic herbs can recharge your adrenal glands, helping you to respond to stress.”

You can get all 4 of these products on my website, or through your own dōTERRA wholesale account (costs $35 to get 25% off everything, no monthly obligation). Just click “Join & Save” at the top of my website if that option speaks to you. Happy exercising!

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