Essential Oil Rockstar: Immortelle

Before I switched to healthier eating habits, I signed up for the email list of every restaurant in my town just so I could get a free meal or dessert from every single one of them for my birthday! (My overflowing email inbox thanked me when I made some healthy changes and unsubscribed!) My appreciation for free stuff is just one of the reasons I love dōTERRA. Every month I get back 30% of what I spend on oils and supplements in reward points, I get back 100% of what I spend on shipping, I get the free Product of the Month, AND quarterly I get a more valuable freebie! (We’re talking oils valued at $80, $90, $100 or more!) I’m so excited that June is a BIG FREEBIE month!

Summertime is the perfect time to renew that youthful glow to our skin! I believe a diet full of organic plants and healthy fats creates a body that recovers quickly and well from any trauma, including sun damage. Essential oils are a great companion to a diet like this to speed things up and help your body do its work so much more effectively. This month, every 200 PV dōTERRA order will receive a free bottle of Immortelle, our anti-aging blend ($92.67 retail value). Let’s talk about why Immortelle is a vital part of our skin care routines.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I used Immortelle on my stomach every day to prevent stretch marks. When she was born, I happily thought I’d evaded getting any stretch marks. Imagine my frustration when they showed up after giving birth to her, when I thought I was in the clear! I continued using Immortelle daily and within a few months, my stretch marks were invisible. Whew! However, the second time around, I wasn’t diligent about using Immortelle daily and I got some serious stripes. I remember crying when I saw them because I missed my pre-baby stomach so much. (I never said I wasn’t just a little vain! 😉 ) So now I’m in the process of minimizing those marks again with Immortelle, and it’s working so well.

Immortelle can also help restore sun damaged skin, reduce scarring (even from acne), help you say “bye bye” to fine lines and wrinkles, and be your first-aid friend for bumps and bruises.

Here’s a huge money-saving tip from your resident Aldi-loving friend: split your full-strength Immortelle amongst 2-3 empty roller bottles and top each of them off with fractionated coconut oil. This gives you 3x the oil for your money! (But Immortelle is free this month, remember? Talk about stretching a dollar!) Share this post with a mom friend who’s looking to restore her glow naturally <3

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