Essential Oil Rockstar: Helichrysum

Good morning! Judi and I are off to the chiropractor a little later this morning – during pregnancy my hips will not stay in alignment for more than a few days, and yesterday my lower back and leg were hurting so bad! Looking forward to feeling 100x better after an adjustment!

I have a super mega rockstar essential oil to share with you this week! It’s a little more special than a plain old rockstar, apparently 🙂 This little oil saved me twice in two days. First, from when I slammed my brow bone into the car above the door while I reached back in to grab something (OW) and second, when I had that nosebleed Sunday morning. I call it “little” but it’s one of my most reached-for essential oils. Helichrysum is an “investment oil” as some call it, so I save up my free product credits and “invest” in a bottle whenever I need a refill without it costing anything 😉

EO Rockstar_ Helichrysum

(At 30% back on the Loyalty Rewards Program, including $7 in free product credits from shipping costs, after purchasing 230 PV [like $230] in products, I have enough free product credits for a full bottle of Helichrysum! Much better than paying full price.)

When I bumped my head on the car, I raced inside, swiped my finger across the top of the bottle, and gently massaged it into my brow line (which was slightly red at the time). It’s a little tender today (24 hrs later) but no visible signs of my “run-in” with the car 😉 #win

The next morning was my random pregnancy nosebleed, so again I swiped my finger across the top of the bottle, then rubbed it on the bridge of my nose. A few minutes later, I blew my nose at it was clear. #helichrysumdoesitagain

No home with kids (or accident-prone adults!) should be without it! You can get your Helichrysum here. Also those in the dry climate of the midwest may find it useful – when I travel there I get nosebleeds just from the dry air! I will need to make a mini roller bottle of it with some FCO (fractionated coconut oil) for my trip to Salt Lake City coming up so it can fit in my ziplock baggie that will be crammed with oils 😉

Edited to add: I found a DIY Razor Relief recipe using Helichrysum! If you ever get itchy, red bumps after shaving, try this serum out!

What’s your favorite way to use Helichrysum from the list shown in this image? I’d love to hear it in the comments!

Don’t forget, with all 160 PV (like $160) orders through August 31st, you’ll receive 3 FREE dōTERRA essential oils: Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint ($67 value)!

LLP promo August

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