Best Essential Oils for Mom and Baby Postpartum



Balance/Wild Orange

Having a new baby is a huge life change that nothing can ever prepare you for. Every baby is different, and you can’t know before they’re born if they’ll be a good sleeper, if breastfeeding will be a challenge, or if they’ll want to be held while they sleep or will be content to nap in their bassinet. I feel like Balance and Wild Orange helped me stay calm while I adjusted to a completely new life. I put 1-2 drops of each oil on the back of my neck and my ears every day, and I felt grounded, capable, and happy with the way things were going.

Clary Sage

There were a couple of days after Annabelle was born where I felt like I was going crazy! Time seemed to start flying by after she was born, and it was kind of scary to feel the days going by so quickly. I was (and still am) loving every second of taking care of her, and just wanted time to slow down. I mean, I can remember when my mom was about my age, with just me and my sister before the rest of my siblings were born, and it’s weird to think I’m the mom now! Anyway, I started feeling anxious about my girls growing up so fast and the fact that I’m growing older with them. I drew a hot bath and added some Clary Sage oil, which is excellent for regulating women’s hormones, and it really calmed me down. I kept using Clary Sage on my abdomen and ankles (the reflex points for the uterus are on our ankles) and within a few days I was feeling so much better. (Side note: I started drinking half-caf coffee as well, because caffeine can cause anxiety, and I think that helped too.)


Four words: stretch marks be gone! I used Immortelle to get rid of a few stretch marks after I gave birth to Judith, so I made sure to have some this time around (especially because I gained 10 more pounds with Annabelle and got a lot more stretch marks!). It comes in a roll-on bottle, so I roll a thin layer over my stretch marks once a day and massage it in.

DigestZen Touch

This is a must-have for mom and baby! For a couple of days after giving birth, I had stomach pains when I ate because of my internal organs moving back into place. I just rolled a bit of DigestZen on my stomach as needed. The Touch roll-ons are pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil, so they’re gentle and safe for the whole family.

You never know if a new baby is going to be sensitive to certain foods that mom eats. For the most part, I’ve continued eating everything I normally eat and Annabelle has been a happy camper with it, but I noticed that red sauce and dairy products correlate with either projectile vomiting or silent reflux. (Yikes!) While we’re still figuring out what foods bother her stomach, I use a little DigestZen Touch on her tummy and massage it in a clockwise circle for a few minutes.

Body scrub, body butter, and mud mask

I wish I could give every new mom a set of these 3 spa products! It can be hard to feel beautiful during the weeks (and sometimes months and years!) after giving birth. For many of us, it’s really hard to accept our postpartum bodies and love them like we did before or during pregnancy. That’s why I’m a big advocate of 1) eating well to help our bodies recover well and naturally lose extra weight, and 2) using “fancy” spa products to pamper ourselves – new moms definitely deserve it! To help minimize stretch marks, it’s important to exfoliate so you’re not just putting lotions or creams on dead skin. Using a gentle exfoliator like dōTERRA’s body scrub removes that outer layer of dead skin, allowing the body butter or Immortelle oil to more effectively work on stretch marks underneath. You don’t have to have a lot of time to use these products in the shower. When I step into the shower I immediately put the mud mask on my face, rinse my hands, and apply the sugar scrub to areas with stretch marks. Five minutes later I rinse off the mud mask (plenty of time to get clean while the mask is on) and at that point I’m ready to get out of the shower. Then I apply body butter to areas with stretch marks. It’s not greasy, so I can get dressed right afterward and not feel like body butter is getting all over my clothes. The whole routine is very quick and easy, and I feel refreshed and beautiful afterward! I’m less than 4 weeks postpartum with my second daughter and already my skin is looking smoother and tighter. 

For more essential oils fun (including Facebook Live classes…something new I’m trying this year!) request to join my Facebook group! (If you’re working with another Wellness Advocate, ask them about their own Facebook group to get connected with your community!)

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What are your favorite postpartum essential oils?

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