11 Ways to Use your dōTERRA Family Essentials Kit

11 Ways to Use your dōTERRA Family Essentials Kit

Congratulations on getting started with dōTERRA essential oils! So you got the Family Essentials Starter Kit – now what?! Rest assured you have in your hands an amazing treasure of natural health tools. Let’s dive right in!

1. Diffuse all day

Diffusing essential oils is the easiest way to get essential oils in your system. Add water and 4-6 drops of oil to your diffuser (dōTERRA’s Petal diffuser is shown). Diffusing cleanses the air and makes everyone within its reach happier and healthier!

Some of my favorite diffuser blends:

  • Lavender and Breathe
  • OnGuard
  • Frankincense and Peppermint
  • Peppermint and Lemon
  • Lemon and Breathe

2. Apply AM & PM

Start your day by placing a drop of Peppermint and Balance or Frankincense in your palm. Rub palms together, cup under your nose, and inhale deeply for 30-60 seconds. You’ll be amazed by how alert and happy you feel! At the end of the day, rub Lavender and/or Deep Blue on your neck and shoulders to relieve tension and soothe achy muscles. Getting a better night’s sleep is that easy.

3. Get cooking!

Lemon is so easy to cook with! Add a drop to a smoothie or peanut butter bites, or add 3-5 drops to marinade for meat or veggies. You can even use Lemon when you make kale chips! With herbs like Oregano, it only takes a tiny bit of oil to get a huge burst of flavor. Stick a toothpick in the bottle and tip upside down. Stir the toothpick around in a pot of spaghetti sauce. That’s all you need. This bread dip recipe is also a winner in my book!

4. Keep your guidebook close

doterra family essentials kit

The Essential Life book can be purchased at

My favorite all-in-one resource book is called The Essential Life. When I first got my kit 5 years ago, I read right through my big book like this, and it was one the best things I did. It’s empowering to know how to use these gifts of the earth! In this book, there is one page per oil. Read one a day until you’ve covered every oil. You can also search for specific health themes and discover which essential oils will help. The DIY recipes in the back include beautiful photos! I also highly recommend the Modern Essentials or Essential Oils Reference Guide app – like an entire book on your phone, and the search feature is super handy!

5. Toss out the toxins

We’ve all heard about the nasty ingredients in household cleaners, right? I don’t want that stuff anywhere near my kids, let alone myself! Call me crazy, but when I walk into a public restroom and I smell cleaning products everywhere, I breathe as little as possible while I’m in there. It just smells so harsh and I know it’s not doing me any favors. Essential oils are the perfect solution for keeping your home really clean. Read up on their cleansing properties and you’ll be amazing. The book The Practice of Aromatherapy by Dr. Jean Valnet is an excellent reference in this area. Bonus points if you love older books like I do; you’ll really like this one. Check out the DIY recipes here for cleaning products that can replace anything you’re currently using. The soft scrub, garbage disposal refreshers, and all-purpose spray are my favorites!

6. Create a healthy glow + clean up your beauty routine

When I first started using essential oils and Lifelong Vitality supplements, I got comments from friends that my skin was glowing! I’ve noticed the same thing with my clients shortly after they get their oils + Lifelong Vitality supplements. Their skin just looks brighter and more even! Who wouldn’t want that?! An easy way to start is by adding a drop of Lavender or Frankincense to your moisturizer or facial cleanser every day. Combine this with a daily dry brushing routine and use the Rose roller bottle to spot-treat scars or blemishes and your skin will look better than it ever has before! I was shocked at the difference this made in my skin within a short period of time. Drinking a drop of Lemon oil in your water (use a glass or stainless steel water bottle only!) to cleanse the body is another way to promote healthy-looking skin. 

Want to take it a step further and replace toxic beauty products with safe, homemade ones? This blog post roundup is the place to find all your recipes! Most of the info on Pinterest doesn’t have the correct ratios because other brands of essential oils are so much less potent, requiring more drops in each recipe. So I like to use the recipes straight from dōTERRA’s blog. The lotion bars and clay facial mask are two of my favorites!

7. Keep your oils visible + easy to use

You’ll find it much easier to remember to use your oils when they’re in plain sight. Choose a central location in your home like the kitchen to display your oils in a box like this one. Stock up on a few basic supplies like roller bottles, droppers, supplement case, and spray bottles. There are a ton of websites that offer these supplies, but my favorite is Oil Life.

8. Get your Daily Drop

DōTERRA’s Daily Drop app is a free resource you will definitely want to take advantage of! Select a track (like Spring Cleanse, or Children, or Emotional Wellness) and get a short video every day for 30 days to teach you a new way to use your oils! The “Determine Your Mood” function is also very helpful for figuring out exactly which oil to use to take you from #blah to #feelgoodvibes! (You can even sign up for the daily email instead if you prefer.)

9. Relax after a long day

I love a hot bath at the end of the day. Adding epsom salts + essential oils can help you relax on a whole new level! I pre-mix epsom salts with my favorite oils (try Lavender or Frankincense), about 8-10 drops essential oil per 1 c. epsom salt and shake well. Add 1/2 c. epsom salt to bath while water is running.

10. Makeover your purse

Replace breath mints or gum (they have shady ingredients!) with your new Peppermint and OnGuard beadlets. When you need fresh breath or an energy boost, grab a Peppermint one. When you’re traveling or around lots of people and your immune system is in need of support, pop an OnGuard beadlet. You can even squish a beadlet between your fingers to get the oil out, and apply topically if desired. A stylish carrying case like this one or or this one or this one (that last one is very cute + handmade by a small business. Bonus: the wooden tag on the outside acts as a diffuser for your favorite oils!) will help keep your oils upright and easy to find. Don’t forget to put the cap stickers that came in your welcome packet on the lids! Then you can read right off the top which oil is which.

11. Share the goodness

Know anyone who would love essential oils like you do? Keep your ears open next time you visit a friend, or go to the grocery store. There are needs all around, and in most cases, essential oils can help. From comforting a little one who just got a booboo, to providing pain relief for aching joints, to bringing passion back into a relationship — essential oils to the rescue! Carry your oils everywhere and sharing them will come naturally. Talk to the person who enrolled you about how to make sure you receive a commission check when someone you know purchases a kit just like you did — it’s easy to get your oils paid for this way.

Don’t forget – your kit also included a one-year wholesale membership, so you get 25% off everything you purchase! Even better, you’re now eligible to opt-in to the Loyalty Rewards Program to get up to 55% off every purchase! How does it work? This short video explains it all (it’s also explained in this flyer and on my Essential Oils page).

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