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Welcome to the Fit Oils Momma blog! I’m Gina, a certified personal trainer turned stay-at-home mom of two girls (one 2.5 year old and one 5 month old), and I’m basically a crunchy, granola-loving hippie (at least that’s what my husband thinks)! I like to live as naturally as possible, with a few guilty pleasures thrown in now and then. As an introvert, I adore social media but have a love-hate relationship with technology and would adore spending a week alone in a cabin in the mountains. I love a good gray, rainy day and the raging summer thunderstorms we get here in central Florida — they’re the perfect opportunity to get lots of work or cleaning done at home, dance in the rain, or run errands. Seriously! I’d take rain over blazing heat any day.

Confession time: I spent my whole life waiting to become a mom, and when I first became a mom, I spent my time wishing I were anything else. Big changes (like having a baby!) can really throw me off and I take my time adapting and finding my “new normal.” My daughter was a classic “high needs baby” (check out Dr. Sears’ website or my “Motherhood” page for what that means) and taking care of her took a huge toll on me emotionally. I desperately wanted to go back to my safe zone where I was in control of my time and my sleep schedule! Now that she’s two years old, we’re really getting in the groove and I’m loving being her momma. I hope by being real and transparent in my “Motherhood” posts I can encourage other parents of high needs babies <3

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I’ve been fascinated with healthy living since 10 years ago when I turned 15 and decided I needed to lose weight, but along my journey I didn’t always make the healthiest choices (like baking everything with Splenda, anyone else?). I’ve always loved to read — I’d bring books to the dinner table and to bed with a flashlight as a kid. When I started reading healthy living blogs, they changed my life! If I read a yummy-sounding recipe on a blog, I cooked it the next day. I created my workout routine around those I found on blogs. I was studying to earn a degree in Exercise Science in 2010 when a health crisis caused me to change my major to Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences (read more about that crisis here), and I discovered essential oils. Because I saw my health improving when I used them regularly, essential oils quickly became a big part of my life, and I saw the business opportunity that came with them as my ticket to become a stay at home mom while creating residual income for my family (and it worked!). After I recovered from my health crisis, I went on to become a personal trainer, and I continued my independent research on holistic wellness. I believe knowledge is empowering, and that no one should feel they’re a victim to disease or poor health, so I share what I’ve learned about wellness with anyone who will listen. Choose to create your own good health today!

Questions or feedback? Contact me here or reach out to me on social media – I’m active on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and sometimes it’s easier to reach me there than through my contact form. Or email me directly at [email protected]

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