How I Use my Apple Watch for Fitness and Making Life Easier

    For Christmas, my husband surprised me with an Apple Watch 3. I love my iPhone, but in general I’m not a huge technology fan (though I admit he’s slowly converting me). So while I was excited, my first thought was “What am I going to use this for?!” To be honest, I was a little nervous I wouldn’t use the watch enough to make the expense worth it. But I was SO wrong! Within the first week I totally fell in love with it. It really does make life with kids easier, and I LOVE being able to track my workout details almost effortlessly (well, except the effort I put in to the workout, haha!). The top ways I use my watch every day are:

    • Answer phone calls and talk right into the watch (this is very helpful when I’m holding Annabelle and don’t have a free hand to get my phone out of my purse)
    • Read text messages and reply either from a list of preset replies (there’s a good-sized list of answers like “OK” or “Thanks” or “Great”), by voice-to-text, or by “scribble” (you draw one letter of your reply at a time on the face of the watch and it converts to text)
    • Play music on your phone: Say “Hey Siri, play Hillsong” and a mix of Hillsong music plays on my phone (you can also tell Siri to play a specific song–“Hey Siri, play Living With a Fire by Grace City” <– see what I did there? 😉
    • Track workouts: “Hey Siri, begin Outdoor Walking Workout” (speak whatever type of workout you’re doing, and your watch will begin tracking distance, speed, and elevation change–it even can be worn during swim workouts to track the details! Some of the workout options include “Outdoor Running Workout,” “High Intensity Interval Training,” “Indoor Cycling Workout,” etc.) Don’t forget to end the workout by swiping right and tapping the red X.
    • Monitor steps, heart rate, and calories burned throughout the day via the Activities app that comes already installed–you can set the Activities rings as your watch face to instantly see a glimpse of your daily progress every time you look at your watch. The red ring is for your calorie goal (you set how many calories you want to burn daily), the green ring is for how many minutes you’ve exercised, and the blue ring is for how many hours of the day you have stood up for one or more minutes of the hour. Use the Watch app on your iPhone to set goals in each of these areas and read a complete report of each day’s data.
    • Set timers while cooking or for time out/quiet time: “Hey Siri, set a timer for 30 minutes” <– it’s silly, but this is one of my favorite features!
    • Set reminders or calendar events: “Hey Siri, set a reminder for me to call Lois in 20 minutes” (or “at 1:30 tomorrow”) and for calendar events, “Hey Siri, put a dentist appointment on my calendar for February 3 at 10:30am.” And it’s done!
    • Bonus: I don’t miss phone calls from my husband any more…I was keeping my phone on Silent so it wouldn’t distract me and I missed a few calls from him. He was not amused! Haha!

    Now that I have the watch, I spend far less time on my phone because I’m not manually entering in calendar events or reminders; and I’m not worried about missing a text or phone call. I don’t feel like I have to bring my phone upstairs every time anymore because I can answer phone calls directly from the watch. The best part is since I use Siri to do these things, I don’t have a chance to get distracted by Facebook or Instagram–there’s no Facebook on the watch, and the Instagram app for the watch is pretty limited.

    If you’re interested in games for the Apple Watch, check out this article that lists some of the best ones available right now. I’ve only tried one from the list–Lifeline–and I’ve enjoyed it so far. It’s like the Choose Your Own Adventure book series I used to read (and love) as a kid.

    What fitness tracker do you use? Do you have an Apple Watch? What’s your favorite Apple Watch feature?? Share in the comments on this page or on my Instagram post!

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